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Why is cashmere so special?
Cashmere is like no other. It is natural, soft and breathable. Cashmere garments are lightweight and the ultimate in comfort and warmth. You can wear cashmere in all climates because it has a high moisture content, which allows its insulation properties to change with the relative humidity in the air. Also, cashmere is long-lasting and actually becomes softer with wear and age. This makes cashmere an ideal material for children’s clothing and worthy of treasuring or handing down through the family.

Where is your cashmere from?
Our cashmere is sourced from the native goats of the Mongolian highlands. We use cashmere yarns made from the fine undercoat fibers of the cashmere goats. These fibers are collected by combing or shearing the goat during each molting season. After collection, the long fibers are carefully hand picked and washed before being spun into yarns to produce high quality knitwear.

Each collection is made in small quantities to ensure quality and exclusivity. Each piece is made using a hand-operated knitting machine and finished by hand.

What does high quality cashmere mean?
The most important factor in the quality of cashmere is the length and fineness of the fibers. Cashmere knitwear made with long and thin fibers are considered high quality because they pill less and can maintain their shape after each wash.

How do I clean my cashmere garment?
We have some suggestions for you on our Cashmere care page.

How can I get stains out of my cashmere garment?
We have some suggestions for you on our Cashmere care page.

What is the best way to store my cashmere garment?
We have some suggestions for you on our Cashmere care page.


Do you have a size guide?
We do. You can look at our size guide page.


Where do you deliver?
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What are your shipping fees?
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Can I track my order?
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What is your return policy?
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