Eden and Zoe are the names of my two daughters. They are my inspiration and motivation.


eden & zoe was started with a wish to keep my daughters comfortable, cozy and stylish. My girls were always telling me that their knitwear was too “itchy”, so I started looking into natural materials like cashmere, merino wool and pure cotton for them. I found it hard to find quality knitwear in styles that both my girls and I liked, so I decided to create the clothes instead. 

My aim is to make well crafted clothing that is sophisticated and understated. I believe in classic styling with a modern twist. I like to think about the details that make a garment unique yet timeless. Most importantly, it is about feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. 

Following this same design philosophy, I have created a women's collection of long wear investment pieces, which allows me to share my designs with many more of you. 

Each collection is made in small quantities to ensure quality and exclusivity. Our pieces are created using a hand-operated knitting loom or sewing machine, and finished by hand. Many pieces are entirely hand knitted and/or sewn. 

eden & zoe clothing is made to be worn, enjoyed and shared. 




This Fall/Winter 2023 collection includes classic cashmere and fine merino wool knits paired with luxurious textiles such as brocade, lace and tweed.

Favorites from this collection include our occasion wear, which is perfect for the holiday season, as well as classic every day pieces. Intricate brocade and embroidery (Ava dress and Mila dress), intarsia knits (Sadie cardigan and Venus dress) and sparkly textiles (Adele dress and Neve dress) are among my top picks, as are classic staples (Luke Henley and Frank cardigan) for boys. We also have lovely unisex accessories (Drew and Everly hats), which are perfect for colder weather.

In addition to the distinctive eden & zoe palette of grey, pink and white for girls, this collection also includes a lovely lavender and yellow shades. For boys, we stay with classic shades of blue, gray and black for this season.

For women’s wear, new for this season are cashmere fingerless gloves and cashmere travel shawls, as well as new winter colors for our ever popular cashmere ponchos. Plus one of a kind knitted scarves are back in time for the holidays. These styles stay true to my aim of creating classic, long wear pieces that will last.

I hope that you appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into making these pieces. As always, the beauty is in details.





The location for our photo shoot was a resplendent residence set in stately, atmospheric surroundings in the Bay area. We had a lovely time with our photographer, Rory Earnshaw, and our models, complete with the perfect backdrop for our latest Fall/Winter collection.

In customary style, Rory captured the spirit of the collection, the models and location beautifully.



Cashmere is like no other. Here are some of the reasons why:

All season wear
It is natural, soft and breathable. Cashmere knitwear is lightweight and the ultimate in comfort and warmth. You can wear cashmere in all climates because it has a high moisture content, which allows its insulation properties to change with the relative humidity in the air.

Timeless treasure
Cashmere is long-lasting and actually becomes softer with age. The more you wear a cashmere garment, the more comfortable it becomes. It makes the perfect hand-me-down which can be shared with other little ones. 

Renewable source
Our cashmere is sourced from the native goats of the Mongolian highlands. We use cashmere yarns made from the fine undercoat fibers of the cashmere goats. These fibers are collected by combing or shearing the goat during each molting season. After collection, the long fibers are carefully hand picked and washed before being spun into yarns to produce high quality knitwear.

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