Cashmere Care

You can hand wash or dry clean your cashmere garment.  

Hand wash
1. Wash your garment separately in cool water with a mild detergent. Do not use any bleach.
2. Gently squeeze the garment. Do not soak, wring, rub or stretch.
3. Rinse thoroughly in cool clean water and squeeze out the excess water.
4. Place the garment on a dry towel, roll it up and squeeze out the excess water.
5. Reshape the garment and place flat on a dry towel. Dry naturally away from direct heat or sunlight. Do not tumble dry.
6. If desired, press lightly with a cool iron when the garment is dry.
7. Fold and store. Do not hang your garment.

Dry clean
If you decide to dry clean your garment, make sure that the dry cleaner is experienced in cleaning cashmere.

Treat stains as quickly as possible. Rinse immediately with cold water. Do not use hot water as it may set the stain.
If necessary, use a mild detergent to treat the stain.
Then hand wash your garment as normal following the “Hand wash” instructions above.

You can also take your garment to a dry cleaner experienced in cleaning cashmere to treat the stain.


Make sure your cashmere is clean before storing because dirty fibers can attract moths.
Fold and place in a non-airtight garment bag to allow the cashmere fibers to breathe.
Use cedar blocks or moth crystals to help protect your cashmere.
Store flat in a cool, dry place. Do not hang your garment.

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